As one of the country’s fastest growing security companies, BM security  services a wide range of client while employing more than 200 individuals and contractors. Our wide reach in the country and resources we can exhaust gives us the ability to provide services at the most affordable prices among our competition. Some of our most common services include the following:

Security Surveillance

To strengthen the security of our clients’ sites, we maintain a dedicated well trained surveillance team monitoring and recording footage when needed for your home, office, warehouse or any other site you provide us with to secure.

Emergency Response Service

Dotted throughout Dar es Salaam are several of our vehicle mounted Emergency Response Servece. They are crack units of elite security personnel appropriately armed and highly trained in all forms of combat security situations.

Cash-In-Transit Services

This service is currently available in Dar es Salaam. With a fleet of armoured vans and armed guards, this service enables our clients to transport large sums of money or valuables from office to bank and vice versa. We are able to offer CIT services as a one-off event, a re-occurring random event, a scheduled service.

Guarding Service

At BM Security, one of our most treasured assets are our people, and they guard our clients and their properties with the highest discipline possible. Trained to have the best customer service, quick thinking in tough situations and sustain all environments.

Dog Guard 24/7

Our dogs are well trained and highly obedient; we provide dog services to further dissuade thieves and intruders from attempting to enter your premises. Our dogs are partnered with experienced handlers to patrol your site routinely.

Security Alarms & Access Control

Intruder alarms are not only the number one solution of preventing attacks on your property but also means of protecting your possessions and the occupants too.